In retrospect I realise that my guard had been let down months if not years before. If not, I would have sensed the strangers long before I saw them. That said though, I’m no longer sure what my reaction would have been armed with this knowledge.

Years earlier an escape plan would have been on hand. In fact multiple options would have been at my disposal. Primed for freedom I wouldn’t have made it to the front door, let alone the living room.

But here I was, and once through the living room door there was no stepping back. No more.

No escape from this chilling moment that I had been running from for years.

There was nothing to it.  The conversation had to be had. Words needed to be spoken, anger and remorse voiced. Forgiveness sought.

So finally, I went against the grain. I decided  I not to cut and run. Not anymore. My soul was weary and after all, that formula had clearly run its length. It was time.

Any cake left for me I asked the Agents as they sat on my living room couch.

There they sat served by my innocent daughter, who I had tried so hard to shield from this day.

There they sat – my not so Unexpected Guests.


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