Tales of a Former Tooth Fairy

I’m sure you know the moment. 

Carefully slipping  your hand underneath the pillow of your beautiful sleeping child. Feeling around for that tooth that took an hour of coercion and half a second to pull out. Thinking back about how brave she was, you get misty eyed about another milestone. Her first molar is now out. 

Except this time you can’t find the tooth.

So you extend your arm farther in. Now you’re softly cursing in the dark wondering where the heck is it? After two minutes your gentle search is replaced by frustrated grabs all around the bottom of the headboard and you are getting increasingly ambivalent about waking the kid up.

Finally you give in and put on the light and proceed to half shove half shift  your snoring offspring to the side of the bed and nearly strip off all the bedsheets in the almighty search. You throw your hands up in the air and start to storm out of the room then your eyes fall to the bedside table…


I guess she’s nine. I am a tooth fairy no more. 


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