Puppy Dog Eyes

Puppy dog eyes. 

Always with the puppy dog eyes. It was his go to place whenever he was in trouble. Claiming innocence, protestations accompanied by vigorous shakes of his head, often accompanied with the statement that for the thousandth time it wasn’t me!

I was so tired of his stories.Fibs, lies, excuses, all. The one thing they weren’t was the truth. But this time the evidence was in front of me. Irrefutable, there on the screen. 

I knew something was not right with the business. We seemed to be doing fine on sales, but we were constantly short. Somehow it was always my fault, I wasn’t bringing in enough business he said.

Staring at the screen, I knew it was finally time. I shut down the computer, picked up my keys and left the building. 
I got into my car and drove off. Less than fifteen minutes later I saw a sign and drove in. 

I parked and hopped out. I walked in and said to the attendant – I want a puppy. We got to the kennels and I saw him. Jet black with brown eyes, I knew they were the only puppy dog eyes my future would hold.

Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. Week #7-2016. 

Requirements: Create a 200 word flash story using the photo prompt and the provided sentence.